Good Things Always Happen In Springtime

Germany, 1938: two young people find each other and discover true love. They must keep this love a secret—from family, from friends, and from the Nazis. She lives in the Jewish Quarter and he lives in the city proper. Charlotte, a young girl of 15, wanders into Georg’s cobbler shop to have some shoes repaired. Georg, enamored by Charlotte’s charm and grace, decides right then and there that he is going to marry her. Follow along as his pursuit of the young Charlotte results in the couple traveling a heart-stopping, winding route to stay one step ahead of the Gestapo in their escape from Nazi Germany to the United States, with a surprising twist along the way!

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Teaser Read from “Good Things Always Happen In Springtime”

Chapter 10:  

“During the three-and-a-half-hour train ride to London with their recommendation letters in hand, Charlotte and Georg were talking, organizing, and dreaming about their upcoming life in London.

“Oh, my darling, I am so excited!” Charlotte exclaimed.

Georg put his arm around her shoulder and pulled his wife closer to him. “So am I, my love. So am I.”

“Isn’t this a beautiful hotel?” Charlotte asked as she pulled out a picture of the Savoy Hotel.

Georg looked at the picture and said, “Oh it most certainly is,” The he gave it back to his wife. “I only hope they will hire us.”

“They will. We must think positively, my dear,” Charlotte said.

Georg loved his wife’s positive attitude. If not for that, they would not be where they are today, on a train headed for London. They were one step closer to their final destination, the United States of America. He hugged her again. No need for words.

He fell asleep and dreamt that they were still in Germany. They were married and living in the back of the shop, just as they had planned, initially. One day, while he was working on a shoe and talking with his wife, two Gestapo agents walked in and called out:

“Georg Fischer!”

“Yes. I am he. How can I help you today?”

“We found this record of marriage today and came to investigate,” one of the agents said, as he showed Georg a copy of their marriage certificate. “Is this yours?” He asked.

“Yes, it is,” Georg replied, terrified.

“Where is your wife?” The other agent asked loudly.

“I am here,” Charlotte said as she quickly came to the front of the shop. The agent took her arm and pulled her out the door. The other pulled out a hood to cover her head and forced her to kneel. Then the first agent pulled out a pistol and shot her in the head. Bang!

Georg awoke in a panicked sweat, but when he saw his beloved sleeping with her head on his shoulder, he slowly calmed down and went back to sleep. He wondered if this would have really happened had they not left Germany. He felt a shiver down his spine, but the gentle breathing of his wife calmed him down quickly.”

Her Spanish Doll

Fiore is a young Italian woman engaged to be married but her plans are interrupted by a charismatic Sebastián, a handsome middle aged Spanish businessman. Her beauty strikes him like a thunderbolt sent by the goddess Venus herself. When she is given an peculiar gift: a Spanish doll, she is thrown into a whirlwind of entangled passion, money, secrets and love. Their romance sparks in a charming little Italian town located on the southern part of Lake Garda in northern Italy and takes them around the globe. What happens when her life is suddenly shattered by a life-long secret?

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Suspenseful Spice! Four Stars! I received an arc, this book is quite nice a little hint of suspense gives it more rewarding spice. I like it!

Amazon Customer


Great Read! Five Stars! Interesting read. I love the characters and the plot. Can’t wait for the next one!

Mallory B.


Teaser Read from “Her Spanish Doll”

Chapter 1:  

He was parched. Just ahead, he noticed a bar with some tables set along the sidewalk. He sat down at one of those tables and looked for a waiter. He sat back and enjoyed the scenery. It was a quaint little town in northern Italy right by the Lake. Garda Lake, to be exact, and the quaint little town was Desenzano del Garda. He wasn’t there as a tourist, although the setting was perfect. The sun shone on the lake like a diamond gleaming under the jeweler’s light. Tourists walked up and down the street, chatting and taking photos. He was in town for business. He was between meetings and decided to do a bit of sightseeing. But he also needed to get away from those boring business meetings. He didn’t like the fact that he had to put on a game face every time he pitched to a new client. But that was his job and he was damn good at it. He was thinking of his next meeting and was immersed in his thoughts when he heard a voice.

“May I help you sir?”

It was like he fell out of space and crashed headlong into reality. He turned his head to look toward the voice and he saw the most captivating brown eyes he had ever seen. He blinked a couple of times and shook his head slightly to ensure he was, indeed, awake.

“Sir? May I help you?” She repeated impatiently. She had other customers and she didn’t have time to deal with daydreamers. She thought to herself, “Come on, wake up, already!”

“Yes.” He finally managed to say. He was mesmerized by this creature. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was like the scenery he was enjoying; refreshing and classic. He couldn’t help himself. He just stared at her, trying to find a flaw, but she had none. Her enchanting brown eyes, her luscious lips, her round face, those alluring curls slipping out of her bandana. She had no makeup on, but she looked like she had spent hours in front of a mirror. She was perfect. Perfection in its most subliminal form. This perfection caught him off guard and did not allow him to speak. His mouth was open, yes, but he was not able to enunciate. He wanted to tell her what he was thinking but he couldn’t. He was a stranger to her.

With All of Me

Giuliana is a middle-aged housewife in Toronto. She tries to balance a career, a husband who has little interest in her well-being, and three children. In the evenings, she gets on her computer and chats with people all over the world. Among the people she chats with, she becomes romantically involved with Aaron, who lives nearby and Bobby in California. Her life becomes like a pinball bouncing between her husband, her job, her children, and her two online loves. She is bewitched by the romantic poetry of Aaron and the honesty and kindness of Bobby, that takes her all the way to California. Watch for the ironic twist of fate that takes her in a direction that she never expected!

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Five Stars! Great Page turning book. Story is captivating and a fun read!!

Asha Matin


Wow! What an amazing book! And the story is very naughty! But I loved it anyway! Waiting for her next book!



This book was interesting. I liked the fact that heroine in this book was middle aged and trying to find herself again. Spoiler alert 🚨 This book also, addresses emotional cheating before the real cheating happens.

Amazon Customer


Teaser Read from “With All of Me”

Chapter 1:  

“She thought she saw a vague smile on his face. Was he thinking about her? He did look peaceful though, like he was resting. She knew he needed to rest and she had always made it clear to him, from day one. Thank God, he was out of danger. That was most important to her, right now. She placed her right hand on the glass and noticed the ring Aaron had given her. She wore it only in his presence because it symbolized the love that united them.

Tears rolled down her face when she realized that their relationship was over. That didn’t matter right now. What mattered now was that he was alive and that he was given another chance. It was up to him now to realize what kind of life he was living and the consequences that came from that lifestyle. Even his wife would scold him from time to time about his lifestyle and she always agreed with his wife on that.

His wife—there she stood, also staring at him through the other window. She was surrounded by her family. The two sons he always boasted about, the youngest son’s wife and the granddaughter he loved so much but rarely found the time to be a grandfather to. She had never met his wife—or seen her, for that matter. The only thing she knew about her physical aspect was that she had lost weight following some diet. Giuliana could relate to that because she also had lost weight, but only following a strict diet given to her from her family doctor. She noticed that he wasn’t as dark as she; he looked more Mediterranean than East Asian. Her first impression was that his wife was a classical, humble, patient, tried, East Asian, Catholic woman.

His wife noticed that she was staring at her. Although she was very thankful to her for saving his life, she couldn’t help but be angry and jealous of her as well. She looked Mediterranean and certainly not over 40. She could never compete with her. God, look at her, she was a beautiful, mature, full-bodied woman, full breasts, luscious lips, big brown eyes and—most of all—fair, olive skin. She was certain that out of all her physical features, it was her fair skin that had attracted him to that woman. She hated her but she had to maintain her calm for her children.”

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