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Magnolia Blossom

Valdosta, Georgia – 1863. While America is ravaged by the chaos of the Civil War, Magnolia Mae (or Maggie, as she is lovingly called) suddenly becomes a young widow and inherits her parents’ plantation.  Surrounded by scheming neighbors, connivingly jealous southern belles, and unscrupulous people; Maggie is a sparkling diamond in the mire of prejudice and hatred. She repays with love, kindness, and compassion. A staunch abolitionist, she treats her slaves with dignity and respect, ignoring the centuries-old tradition of oppression and bondage.  When a handsome young Yankee named Wesley appears, he tosses her into a tumultuous sea of passion, delight, anxiety, and unshakable defiance of the ways of the South. Find out what happens when a forbidden love challenges the evils of slavery and bigotry. This riveting page-turner takes you to a land devastated by war where forbidden love blossoms.

Christmas in Venice

Tiffany has a very rare talent: she’s a Master glassmaker and her talent grabs the attention of a dying Venetian Master glassmaker who bequeaths his Murano glass shop to her. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! This Murano shop is right, smack in the middle of St. Mark’s Square. Her dream, however, is interrupted by a fascinating, charming Venetian man of blue-blood, Massimo, and by the multiple adventures she becomes entangled with along the way. Escape to “La Serenissima” while reading this book and encounter many scrumptious original Venetian recipes to challenge your culinary skills.

The Devil of St. Gabriel

The beautiful, seductive and ruthless Lucy has a rap sheet as long as her golden blonde hair. She will do anything to stay out of jail and although her intentions are good, the devil inside her takes over and has her undertaking continuous acts of evil. On the other side of the spectrum, Nicholas, being a man of God, is naive and hopes to lead the sultry Lucy to the light of his God. But the devil of St. Gabriel has other plans. This thrilling suspense novel is merciless, twisted but absolutely gripping with a riveting ending that will bowl you over!

Baker’s Dozen Anthology

This collection escorts readers to several different countries and time periods while encountering diverse personalities. You’ll enjoy reading about Wally; an adorable little Dachshund who tells his tale from a dog’s perspective. And about a sexy and seasoned Sugar Black, a popular country music singer who falls for one of his life-long fans. Little Victoria, whose porcelain doll conveys true love to her mother. Then, you’ll come across Benton Falls in the mid-1800s; a small town in Montana where Ben and Carrie-Ann will become united with a little help of an ingenious Mrs. Martin. Oh, and let’s not forget about Omar, the Arab Prince and Paulina, the Venetian Princess who fall for each other in a modern-day venue:  a Masquerade Ball. You’ll be enchanted by these stories and you won’t be able to put this book down!

Traveling Boomers: First Stop: Italy (Travelling Boomers Book 1)

Are you ready to get on that plane? Travel can be scary and nerve racking but it can also be exciting and fun. Don’t miss out on the fun just because you don’t have travel experience! This quick and easy to read guide will help you travel around the world as if you were an expert traveler. Once you’ve read this fun book, I promise you will become a seasoned traveler. Now, get ready to board!  First Stop: Beautiful Italy! The garden of the world. Enjoy your read and enjoy your trip!

Good Things Always Happen In Springtime

Germany, 1938: two young people find each other and discover true love. They must keep this love a secret—from family, from friends, and from the Nazis. She lives in the Jewish Quarter and he lives in the city proper. Charlotte, a young girl of 15, wanders into Georg’s cobbler shop to have some shoes repaired. Georg, enamored by Charlotte’s charm and grace, decides right then and there that he is going to marry her. Follow along as his pursuit of the young Charlotte results in the couple traveling a heart-stopping, winding route to stay one step ahead of the Gestapo in their escape from Nazi Germany to the United States, with a surprising twist along the way!

Her Spanish Doll

Fiore is a young Italian woman engaged to be married but her plans are interrupted by a charismatic Sebastián, a handsome middle aged Spanish businessman. 

Her beauty strikes him like a thunderbolt sent by the goddess Venus herself. When she is given an peculiar gift: a Spanish doll, she is thrown into a whirlwind of entangled passion, money, secrets and love.

Their romance sparks in a charming little Italian town located on the southern part of Lake Garda in northern Italy and takes them around the globe. What happens when her life is suddenly shattered by a life-long secret?

With All of Me

Giuliana is a middle-aged housewife in Toronto. She tries to balance a career, a husband who has little interest in her well-being, and three children. In the evenings, she gets on her computer and chats with people all over the world. Among the people she chats with, she becomes romantically involved with Aaron, who lives nearby and Bobby in California.

Her life becomes like a pinball bouncing between her husband, her job, her children, and her two online loves. She is bewitched by the romantic poetry of Aaron and the honesty and kindness of Bobby, that takes her all the way to California. Watch for the ironic twist of fate that takes her in a direction that she never expected!

With All of Me II

Mature & curvaceous Giuliana faces the consequences of having two online lovers: the insanely jealous Aaron, and the sexy (and very attentive) silver fox, Bobby.

To make her life more complicated, she must weather the wrath of her husband Rocco who has confirmed his suspicion and uncovers a deep, dark secret.

And there are more secrets to hide! Can Giuliana survive this tsunami of impossible situations? Will she be able to rebuild the life she once had, or will the burden of the past prove too much?  Is there even a happily-ever-after in her future?

Read Joanne’s Short Story “Cinderella Three”, which is featured in  “Dreams: A Space Coast Writers’ Guild Anthology”

Dreams can be as vivid as reality, making us question what is true and what is imaginary. What secrets do dreams reveal about ourselves? How do we interpret our dreams? Do we dream about events that will inevitably occur, or are they just shades of things that may come to pass? Dreams are also aspirations for what we want to become. They provide the inspiration we need to improve our lives. Without our dreams, we’d lack hope and become purposeless.This anthology from the Space Coast Writers’ Guild (SCWG) is a collection of stories and poems about both kinds of dreams: the visions we have while asleep, and the hopes we have while awake.

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Joanne’s “Devil of St. Gabriel” reviewed by PRIMO Magazine, For and About Italian Americans.

PRIMO, the largest independent national magazine for and about Italian Americans, provides quality journalism on Italian American history, heritage, and achievements.

“The Devil of Saint Gabriel” is the latest novel from Joanne Fisher. And, thus far, her best. The novel contains all the elements of a top crime thriller.  Readers will get an idea of what awaits them just by reading the author’s dedication “to all the Catholic priests who give of themselves day after day, night after night, year after year, asking nothing in return.”

 Hence, the setting is the parish of Saint Gabriel Catholic Church in Mississippi. Father Nicholas Jones, originally from South Africa, leads the tight-nit flock. One parishioner, Tammy, volunteers at the Jefferson Correctional Center, a women’s prison across the border in Louisiana. There, she leads Bible studies and prayer services. The novel begins with a ministry meeting of potential converts behind bars. Past crimes range from manslaughter to narcotics. Tammy’s knowledge of Scripture and her graceful spirit wins over the women, many of whom come from evangelical backgrounds. She mentors one inmate, Lucy, who shows promise of conversion and does particularly well at Bible study and learning the faith. When released from prison, she moves in with Tammy and “registers for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults at Saint Gabriel.” Trouble begins after Lucy faces prejudice from other parishioners because of her criminal past. She finds solace and support from Father Nicholas and the two grow closer.

Joanne develops characters by slowly divulging their inner demons through dialogue. We don’t know their true intentions until the end. Lucy is both sympathetic and complex. She is kind and gentle and at other times selfish and manipulative. She is both the victim and victimizer and we are not sure until the end about her motivations. The same can be said of Father Nicholas. He seems the dutiful priest, sincere and upstanding, while at other times, he is equivocal and naive.

“The Devil of Saint Gabriel” moves in various directions as more characters are introduced. The people of the parish come from different backgrounds. How they cope with what looks to be a scandal involving Father Nicholas leads to several intriguing twists and a shocking ending.

“The Devil of Saint Gabriel” is an important book in light of recent Church scandals. Joanne is commended for writing a book about the faith in a fair and knowledgeable light. There are many challenges facing priests today as they manage the faithful. The struggle is to strike a balance between saving souls and saving oneself.

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